Moving Information and Tips

We understand Moving Day is stressful.

So we've compiled information to help make your move a little smoother.

Utility Transfers

Whether you're a buyer or a seller we recommend contacting the utility companies a few days before vacating. Sellers, please make sure you're asking for a transfer and not a shut-off, and be sure to contact the buyer ahead of time so that they can arrange a transfer in their name.

Occupancy Dates

The occupancy dates on your purchase agreement can vary. Although sellers cannot stay longer, they can move out sooner. As a seller, the title company will collect all rents upfront at the closing, and some purchase agreements call for 1 1/2 times the amount. Your rent charges are prorated, so if you move out sooner, you will get monies back. As a buyer, a check is released every 30 days to you and once keys are exchanged. The key exchange form is required.

Water Readings 

Since water is not a utility, sellers are required to supply a final reading either at closing or when they vacate. If you're giving keys at closing, we recommend snapping a photo of the water meter a few days before closing and forwarding to our closing department. If we do not have it by closing the title company will hold $300-$400 in escrow until received. If you're staying in the home after closing, please refer to your purchase agreement for when final is required.

Each community has a different policy for the final water, and our closing department will let you know how yours is handled. Please note many homes have had electronic water meters installed if you have one and are unable to read your meter we suggest flashing a light over it to wake it up

Moving Boxes

Rooms Realty supplies one complimentary moving box per room to help you get started with items you know you will not be using right away. 

Attached Items

Please refer to your purchase agreement before removing attached like TV mounts, mirrors, appliances, programmable thermostats, fireplace doors and inserts, curtains, and curtain rods. If in doubt, please contact your agent.

Key Exchange

Keys may be given at closing, exchanged between the buyer and seller, or delivered to the broker. If keys are exchanged after closing, be sure both parties sign the Use and Occupancy form, then return it to  [email protected] or the title company. It's also a good idea to have your locks or tumblers changed.

Notification of Move Date

Sellers - if you have an occupancy period after closing please contact us once you're a week out so we can notify the other agent and ensure water and occupancy checks are issued. If you're the buyer and have been notified, please let us know so we may do the same for you.

Companies You'll Need for the Move

  • Drivers License - secretary of state change of address
  • Electric Company - Detroit Edison and Consumer Energy
  • Gas Companies - Consumer Energy and Semco
  • Homestead Tax Forms - need to be filed with your Township/City Office (example)
  • Telephone Service - although many use cell phones if you would like a landline we recommend getting it ordered a few days before your move-in date. Here are a few service companies Comcast or AT&T
  • Trash Removal - most cities and townships provide this service which you can check on our Communities page
  • United States Post Office USPS contact several weeks before your move
  • Mailboxes - locked mailboxes that require a key to access are usually owned by the US Postal service, so you should contact the nearest local US Postal service for a key.
  • Cable Companies - you can try Comcast, WOW, or AT&T U-verse but check your area for providers
  • Voters Registration - Change of address
  • Please visit our Business Directory for various businesses in our area.  If you know of someone, please feel free to share their name.

Arrival Kit Checklist

Here are some suggestions for what you may need immediately upon arriving at your new home. This box should be marked "LOAD LAST, UNLOAD FIRST."

  • Cleaning Supplies - Laundry Soap Powder; Kitchen cleaner; dish towels, dishcloths; steel wool; sponge; window cleaner; paper towel; antibacterial cleaner
  • Kitchen - paper plates & cups; plastic silverware; pitcher; small saucepan; serving spoons; napkins; small cooler
  • Bathroom - toilet tissue; facial tissue; bath towel; shower curtain; bath soap; first aid kit; face cloth; aspirin
  • Miscellaneous - light bulbs; flashlight; hammer; screwdriver; aluminum foil; trash bags; twine; shelf paper; newspapers
  • Snacks - packages of cheese; crackers, instant creamer; sugar; salt; cereals; quick open food, i.e., pudding; soups; jello
  • Children - coloring books and crayons; reading material; favorite toys

Six Items to Have on Hand for the New Owners

As a seller, we recommend leaving the following items for the new buyers.

  • Owners manuals for items left in the house.
  • Warranties for any items left in the house.
  • A list of local service providers the best dry cleaner, yard service, etc.
  • Garage door opener.
  • All extra house keys.
  • Code to a burglar alarm and phone number of monitoring service if not discontinued
  • Trash day

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