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Welcome Home - Condo Living

Posted by on Saturday, May 26th, 2018 at 8:27pm.

Is a Condo Right for You?

Condo - Downsizing

Are you considering downsizing? Why not look into condo living… there are many positives aspects giving up the single-family residential living and move into a condominium community!

So what are these pros? Check them out below:

  1. Less Square Footage Equals Less Work

When you have fewer rooms to clean, it also means you have fewer items in those rooms. The smaller the space and the less "stuff" is a guaranteed way to have less “work” or chore time. Use the extra time that you gain from not having to slave away at vacuuming rooms you don't even use or dusting off those knick-knacks that occupy these areas to spend time doing things you enjoy! Chore time can often be cut in half when switching to condo living. Less “work” also means that you have less stress on you which makes life more relaxing and enjoyable!

  1. Low Maintenance

A nice perk of owning a condo is that generally the outside property of the condo is maintained by a landscaping or management company. This usually means no grass cutting, edging, trimming, and snow shoveling! Now your weekends can be spent getting out and doing things that you love or just sitting and enjoying your beautiful condo community, rather than working on property maintenance.

  1. Community Feeling

Since condos are usually adjoined, you are in close proximity to your neighbors. Living closer to neighbors allows you to get to know all of your neighbors which fosters a better feeling of “community” and provides a level of safety and security in times of need. These neighbors may even become close friends!

  1. Modern Conveniences

Each condo community is different, but in larger condo associations, you have the luxury of having conveniences right there where you live! This may include a swimming pool, a community gathering facility for all residents to use, fitness rooms, squash or tennis courts, and walking trails.

  1. No More Stereo-types

In the past condominiums had the stigma that they were for retirees only, but we are finding that condos can be a good fit for working individuals and families that want the carefree living without all of the stress involved in maintaining your home.

Does a condo sound like something you might be interested in looking at? If so, contact us today so that we can help you find that perfect location. Interested, but not ready to look with an agent just? No worries, you can visit our exclusive condo page anytime!

Reader Poll: Do you live in a condo, single family home, or something else? We would like to here what our readers prefer!



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