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Tips & Tricks Tuesday – Where can I “release”? This week’s focus: SELL

Posted by on Tuesday, May 29th, 2018 at 9:42pm.

Where can I “release”? This week’s focus: SELL


Last week, I wrote about DONATING items that you have decided to release from our “Keep or Release BLOG”. Ok…if you don’t want to donate everything because some of the items have more value than the tax deduction….then you can SELL them! Different items that you have can be sold in different ways to a variety of places.

These are just a few:

  • Facebook: this has become a big place for people to sell their items. There are plenty of local area sell/swap pages that allow you to become a member. The pages or “groups” as they are referred to on Facebook, usually have specific items that you can sell on them, but there are groups in which you can sell virtually ANYTHING. Most of the groups have rules you need to follow, so make sure you read them carefully! A few tips that I can offer you are: only accept PayPal or cash payments, make sure you know the online selling lingo, and make sure you respond in a timely manner to questions/comments! Some examples of the selling lingo are POOS (posted on other sites), OBO (or best offer), VGUC (very good used condition), GUC (good used condition), NWT (new with tags), etc. Most of the sites now have the information on payment requirements, response times, and the lingo to use in the group details and rules. If you are unsure, just ask the page administrator so that you aren’t removed from the group for breaking the rules.  The pros of selling this way is that YOU control the price and terms of sale for your items.
  • Consignment or Resale Shops: when finding a consignment shop or resale shop, make sure you know what type of shop you are going into. Some places will not give you the money until that item has sold and they only pay you a portion on it. Other places will give you cash on the spot. You can find one in your area by doing a simple Google search for “consignment or resale shops near me.” The pros of selling this way is that you don’t need to hassle with the items once you take them to the shop. The shop is the one that will sell your item and give you the agreed upon amount for the item.
  • 2nd & Charles: this is newer to our area. They are located at Hall Road and M-53. I absolutely love going to 2nd & Charles. Not only can you sell your items to them (they either give you cash or store credit), but you can find some really great items there at a discounted price. This is the only place that I sell my books to because the process is so easy. If they do not accept the book that I am bringing there to sell, then I simply donate the items. As mentioned last week, a great place to make a donation of books is your local library. If they do not use the book for their shelves, they will sell it at their used book sale or in their used book shop if they have one. The proceeds for these sales usually go to fund programs at the library. (On a side note, 2nd & Charles also sells records! This is my go-to place for vinyl because they have such a huge selection at extremely reasonable prices!) Ok, back to the selling aspect…for information on how and what 2nd & Charles accepts, visit their website. The short list of what they will buy is:  books / comics / cds + vinyl / dvds + blu-ray / games + toys / collectibles / musical instruments / video games / game systems + accessories / electronics / smart devices + readers The pro of selling this way is that you take all of the effort out of the selling transaction. They will tell you what they will buy from you and at what price, simple as that!
  • Garage Sale: ‘tis the season for garage sales! This is a great way to sell your items all at once. It is important that you plan appropriately for your garage sale. If you live in a subdivision, time it so that you can have yours when there is a joint subdivision sale. If you are going it alone, you need see if the city/township you live in requires a license to have one and you need to make sure that you advertise it some way. You can advertise on social media or, on news sites, or in the local newspaper. Garage sale days are usually Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. In my experience, my best sale days are Friday and Saturday. Pricing for a garage sale is key! You need to know going in that you will never get as much for the item as you would selling it yourself on social media or at a consignment shop. The goal of selling your unwanted items at a garage sale is to release those unwanted items while making a little bit of money!

Where is your favorite place to sell items that you have released from your life? Comment below or on the social media link for this blog. Your favorite place might be featured an upcoming blog!

 ~ Andrea


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