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T & T Tuesday ~ Menu Planning Part 1

Posted by on Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 at 10:39pm.

Tips & Tricks Tuesday – Menu Planning Part 1: WHY?

 I have always been a fan of menu planning, for me it just makes life easier. Some people are not convinced that menu planning is beneficial, but today I hope to convince our readers to try it for at least a week!

There is nothing worse than getting home from a long day of work/school (or whatever your day brought you)….and you open the fridge, trying to figure out what to eat….only to find out that there is nothing in the fridge to readily consume. So, you turn to the most logical dinner…something quick and easy. You end up ordering pizza, getting takeout, or just diving into the bag of snacks that is conveniently located in the pantry. Why not ease the agony of meals by menu planning? I sometimes go as far as plan breakfast and lunch for the kids during the school week as well! I am all about reducing stress and getting rid of the chaos in the home because everyone is happier this way! So here are a couple reasons why I think you should start menu planning:

Reduces the chaos of meal time. Its plan and simple, menu planning eliminates the stress of mealtime. There is no guessing involved for you in the preparation process. There is also no guessing when it comes to the kids because they were a part of the planning process so they know what to expect. I also go as far as to post my weekly menu in my pantry as a reminder to everyone as to what they can expect for dinner!

It can significantly decrease your grocery costs. By planning the meals for the week, you can purchase all the required ingredients at one time at the supermarket. You know what you need to cook and when, which also means that you are able to shop once a week to purchase all of the ingredients you need. This allows you to say “goodbye” to the rushed trips to the grocery store! This also means that you can shop weekly specials to make those meals much more affordable. Also, when purchasing ingredients to make a home-cooked meal, you are reducing your costs over purchasing prepackaged meals.

 It can be fun for the whole family! By sitting down once a week to plan your family meals, every family member can be involved in choosing what the family eats. My kids love being a part of this process. Sometimes I assign days for them to choose the meals for that day so that everyone gets to have something they like throughout the week. Of course, mom gets to through in some fruits & veggies if they don’t add them!

There are so many more benefits such as eating I hope after reading this that I have convinced you to try menu planning for at least a week! At first it can seem overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it…it makes you wonder how you survived without it! Stay tuned for next weeks tips & tricks where I will tell you how to do it and i will have a free menu planning template for you to download!


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