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T & T Tuesday ~ Curb Appeal

Posted by on Tuesday, August 7th, 2018 at 2:55pm.

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Curb Appeal - THE First Impression

Do you have company coming in town, are you hosting an end of the summer BBQ, OR have you finally decided to list your house? Here are a couple tips that can help you spruce up your home for ANY reason!

Most visitors and/or buyers form their first impression of your home before they even get out of the car! So what is "curb appeal"? Well...it is the view from the curb that gives a visitor the feeling that they will want to stay at your home for a while and they swoon over your home....OR if the curb appeal is bad, they jet before dinner is served! For potential buyers, driving up to the house is the first chance they will get to fall in love with your home. This "curb appeal" can make or break your homes possibility to sell! Buyers will either "ooh and aah" over the exterior, or turn to their agent and say "nope, not even going to waste our time!"

The exterior of your home should be in pristine condition - clean, cleared of clutter, with no visible repairs needed. A broken step, an overgrown bush, or abandoned toys in the yard can spoil both the home's appearance and the first impression. Here's a simple cleanup and spruce up checklist to make sure your home leaves a stellar first impression:

  • Clear driveways and walkways of snow, weeds, and debris. Repair or replace cracked steps or pavers. Whenever possible, driveways should be clear of vehicles.
  • Keep your lawn mowed on the shorter side, edged, and watered. Big brown patches or a heavily weeded lawn make those approaching feel that you don't care enough about your home to maintain your grass. 
  • Prune dead branches and plants. Unless its fall or winter, there should be no brown dead branches or leaves!
  • Weed flower beds and replace leggy, thin landscaping with fresh plants and flowers! The weeds should NOT be as large as the plant or bushes!
  • Make the front door area shine: consider repainting your front door and placing a new welcome mat. Polish or replace the door hardware and make sure all front facing windows are clean. You may even consider replacing that old worn out door with a new one!
  • Power wash siding, brick, windows, porches, patios, playsets, etc. Even a simple pass of a broom on patios, fences, and playsets to get rid of webs and cottonwood can make a HUGE difference.
  • Replace light fixtures -and if possible, pick new fixtures with the same mounting system to save time and hassle. Or at least make sure that all of the light bulbs work!
  • Install new house numbers that match the finish of your light fixtures.
  • Consider upgrading your mailbox; it's an inexpensive fix and the first thing that buyers will see when they pull up to your home.
  • Install flower boxes or pots of blooming flowers for a pop of color.
  • Hang a seasonal wreath from your front door and in your front landscaping bed to make they home more inviting.

These little fixes will increase the curb appeal of your home! You will take pride is showing your home to visitors OR potential buyer! Have you changed anything on your home to increase its curb appeal? If so, please share the pictures with us on social media or comment below! 


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