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Trailside Dairy (Washington Township)

Trailside Dairy is a newer local business in Washington Township. It is located at Campground and Old VanDyke. You can grab your family and drive there or you can hit the Macomb Orchard Trail and make it one of your rest stops! Owner, Mike Sugamosto, recently spoke with Ed Knight at told him that they love being in Washington Township because of the “great location, the people are great, and Macomb County is great.” They have been in business for 10 ½ weeks and are loving being able to provide a place for a delicious treat with a family fun environment. They sell frozen custard, frozen yogurt, Italian ice, and non-diary. Mike feels that “Trailside Dairy sets its business apart from other shops because of their

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Kuts 'n Kisses Grooming Salon & Boutique


46500 Van Dyke, Shelby Twp., MI 48317 


Rooms Realty owner, Ed Knight, interviewed Kuts ‘n Kisses Grooming owner Renee recently and found out more about what they had to offer as a dog & cat salon & boutique. Kuts ‘n Kisses has been at their location since their business opened 7 years ago. They deal mostly by word of mouth, but have a strong Facebook following.

Something that sets Kuts ‘n Kisses apart from the “other” groomers is that they are cage free! Your fur baby is never put in a crate during the grooming process! In fact, they are not put in crates before or after they are done either! They get to play and hang out with the other dogs while they are

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Who doesn't love a delicious treat? Champagne Chocolates is one of my favorite places to buy a sweet treat for that special someone or for that hard to by person! They are located in the heart of Mount Clemens. What started out as a hobby paying tribute to her grandma, Anna Rizzo has grown her love to make people smile with her delicious gourmet chocolates into a fantastic local business! Their chocolates are made fresh, made in small batches, and the quality surpasses any I have tried!

They sell cordials, truffles, chocolates, caramels, toffees, barks, chocolate covered fruits & nuts, and other chocolate creations. They even have chocolate covered BACON! I never thought I would like it, but one bite and I was hooked. Oh....and I CANNOT forget

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Brown Iron Brewhouse

They are located at 57695 Van Dyke Ave., Washington, MI 48094 

Business hours: Sunday: 11am-10pm; Monday-Thursday: 11am-11pm; Friday-Saturday: 11am-12am

According to their website, “Brown Iron Brewhouse is a community house where great American beer is celebrated with outstanding smokehouse cuisine. Put simply, they love great beer and great food!  Styled after a modern twist on the large and open German beer halls, Brown Iron Brewhouse welcomes you to come sit among friends with community seating inside the beer hall or enjoy the fire pits or great Michigan weather in their large beer garden with tables straight from Germany!”

In a recent interview with Brown Iron Brewhouse’s Assistant Manager, our very own Ed

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Elya's Village Gardens & Greenhouses

This fantastic greenhouse is located on 26 mile road between North Avenue and Omo Road. The greenhouse hours are Monday- Saturday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. 

From the moment I stepped into Elya’s Village Gardens & Greenhouse, I was in awe! I could not believe the quality of plants/flowers that they had in stock! What was even more unbelievable were the prices! The 12” potted plants were absolutely stunning and you could purchase some for under $30!










I have been around the flower/greenhouse business for years! This was by far the BEST location I have every been for my flowers! I like to make my own potted combos and they have a huge

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Now Trending - Jam'rs Frozen Custard

Everybody loves ice cream but our favorite is Jam'rs Frozen Custard in Washington Township, MI. They are located at 58060 Van Dyke just north of 26 Mile on the east side of the street. Since they are located between our home and office we pass by daily and can't help but check out the flavor of the week. So far I think Honey Almond is my favorite!

Jam'rs Frozen Custard is a family owned business and they stay open almost all year. They offer picnic tables on the side and in back where it over looks the baseball fields. As you can see below the inside reminds you of an old soda shop. Besides the flavor of the week you can always get chocolate, vanilla or my favorite twist. Jam'rs Frozen Custard also offers

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Now Trending - REVIVE Float Spa

Shop another local business in Macomb County: REVIVE Float Spa in Shelby Township! If you have never heard of a float spa, check out the REVIVE Float Spa website! It has a great deal of information on what the purpose and benefits are of a float spa. Here is just a little bit of information that we pulled from their website…..

“Float therapy is a luxurious escape from the constant stress of life’s daily pressures and a natural way to heal the body and mind.  When combined with the zero-gravity like environment, the floatation allows your body and mind to enter into its deepest state of relaxation.”

“The physical benefits of floatation are: faster muscle recovery, softens & replenishes skin, boosts circulation,

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Marcus Bar & Grill, Shelby Township

 Marcus Grill Logo

Marcus Grill isn’t like the chain restaurants that we often see on the corner, rather they pride themselves on quality of food made from scratch!

According to their website, Marcus Grill has been in business for 83 years and counting.... The origin of Marcus dates back to 1929 when Charles Marcus invented the original “Marcus burger” in Detroit. It was the hotspot at lunch hours for the local factory workers! For a more detailed history, visit their website.

Currently, three generations are proudly upholding the Marcus Burger legacy, which means that at any given time, you will be greeted by someone from the family (parents, aunts, uncles and cousins.) Marcus Grill is known not only

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Now Trending Thursday!

Keep your business local by using... 

 Staged Detroit Logo

The local business that we are featuring this week a staging company that Rooms Realty uses to stage properties. Staged Detroit is owned by Kristin who is also an accredited Staging Professional. She began working as a realtor and helped her clients prepare their homes to sell. In 2013, she began staging all of her new listings and noticed that they sold faster and for more money. In an interview with her, we asked her what she liked most about working with sellers to stage their home and she said that “teaming up with realtors and sellers to get their house market ready” to sell. She doesn’t “think of themselves as being like a super hero” rather she considers her and her team “like

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Now Trending Thursday! Keep your business local!

Every Thursday, we will be featuring businesses in our area. These are businesses that are right in your community so you do not have to go too far! Most of the businesses that we will be focusing on will be in our service area (Macomb Township, Shelby Township, and Washington Township) but any company that we find worthwhile and/or exciting will make our list! We plan to stay away from “chain” businesses unless they are locally owned & operated.

We will be alternating through different lines of business. Some of the types of businesses will include:

  •          restaurant/bar/bakery
  •          boutique/resale
  •          automotive
  •          retail (hardware, pet shop)
  •          grocery
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