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Trailside Dairy (Washington Township)


Trailside Dairy is a newer local business in Washington Township. It is located at Campground and Old VanDyke. You can grab your family and drive there or you can hit the Macomb Orchard Trail and make it one of your rest stops! Owner, Mike Sugamosto, recently spoke with Ed Knight at told him that they love being in Washington Township because of the “ great location, the people are great, and Macomb County is great.” They have been in business for 10 ½ weeks and are loving being able to provide a place for a delicious treat with a family fun environment. They sell frozen custard, frozen yogurt, Italian ice, and non-diary. Mike feels that “Trailside Dairy sets its business apart from other shops because of their ambiance. Their location is great because it is peaceful and tucked away. The top three things that Mike wants customers to know are that “they are dog-friendly, they offer a Cadillac product at a Chevy price, and their location offers a tranquil setting!”

A fun fact that Ed learned in his interview at Trailside was that the name came to Mike’s mother in a dream. Mike has proudly partnered with his parents in Trailside Dairy and cannot wait to continue with this family atmosphere for many years to come!

For more information visit the Trailside Dairy website.

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