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These days I'm referred to as a veteran real estate agent, which means I've been around awhile. Having experience helps our clients because we have market knowledge, we've experienced hundreds of transactions, and seen tons of changes. However, every sale, situation, and real estate market is different and a new learning experience. So today, to better understand you the consumer, Rooms Realty would like to turn the table and ask you a few questions with a survey.  

Real Estate Consumer Survey

Below are the questions we think would help us, help you!  

  1. Have you heard of Agency Disclosure? - This law has been on the Michigan books since 1994, but we've found most consumers have no idea what it is, how it can protect them or that brokers require it to be signed.  
  2. Do
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As REALTORS®, Ed and I are used to fielding all types of questions about real estate, whether it's by phone or at some type of event or gathering. But we're kind of surprised no one has called or asked us directly about the 3.8% real estate tax regarding the health care bill. We've received emails, seen people post on facebook, and heard people talking about it but all with the wrong information.

Now I'll be the first to admit I'm not a fan of the health care bill and it scares me to death that this 2,733 page bill was passed by one party. However, when it comes to parts of the bill that effect my business I went right to the source the National Association of REALTORS®. The video below explain the 3.8% tax and who and how it will effect sellers.

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Every few months my husband Ed will ask me "are you ready to move to a condo yet"? The topic usually comes up after I have picked weeds all day, or when I'm cleaning our house before or after a huge party. Of course, for him, it's when a huge gas or electric bill comes. Although we're not quite ready to downsize and move into a condo, there comes a time when that decision may need to be made.

Warwick Village CondosWhen to Choose Condo Living?

Some people choose a condominium so they can travel more, some to escape outside maintenance, some simply because they like the lifestyle. Here in Michigan, we see many retirees choose condo living when they become too old to care for their home or they become "snowbirds." Of course, there are tons of snowbirds that keep their home

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